- Wing Commander Movie Player -

The Wing Commander Movie Player allows playing and ripping FMV from all WC games! It supports Prophecy WVE/XA/UV2, WC4 XAN AVIs, WC3 MVEs and Privateer2 TGVs.

Current version of the Movie Player: 1.2a
Previous versions of the Movie Player: 1.0, 1.1 (P2 rip fix for v1.1), 1.2
For your convenience, all needed DLLs are included in each zip package (Xan is only necessary for WC4 movies)

For now, it's only possible to rip videos to uncompressed AVI.


Seether arrives to the Vesuvius

Let's pay Dr Loomis a visit...

Playing the Wing Commander 3 intro


"Ok, here we go..."